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Who we are

IDRECO S.r.l. was founded in 1976 and is a qualified supplier of industrial plants on the international market. We are included in the Approved Vendor Lists of the most prestigious Customers, End-users and EPC Contractors worldwide.

IDRECO has also created several ancillary companies, operating in complementary fields and has acquired a company manufacturing industrial boilers and incinerators (DEL MONEGO) while establishing branches in the USA, South America and North Africa. IDRECO has also an active global network of representative agents.

Hence today IDRECO has become an integrated group of companies, technically led by IDRECO S.r.l.

In 1996 IDRECO received from ICIM, certification institute belonging to CISQ and EQ Net, the UNI EN ISO 9001 Certificate.

Confirming its will to develop new markets, on 2017 IDRECO has established a new Division involved in the Broadcasting & Telecommunication sectors, able to design and supply “taylor made” solutions based on Client specific requirements. On 2018, IDRECO has developped a system to mitigate the air pollution in the urban areas with particular reference to the reduction of concentration of PM10 and PM2.5, confirming its mission in the envirionmental protection policy,that, with this products is mainly address to safe the people health in open air areas. IDRECO has also, since of 2013, a relationship with LENA (Applied Nuclear Energy Laboratory) of the University of Pavia finalized to the esearch and development of ion exchange resins for nuclear application. As far as other activities, LENA is managing the Research First Class Nuclear Ractor in Italy,as per Triga Mark II.

Since our inception we have successfully supplied more than 650 plants worldwide for:

Water and Waste Water Treatments

  • Water Treatments
    • Clarification
    • Filtration
    • Ion Exchange systems
    • Ultrafiltration (UF)
    • Reverse Osmosis (RO)
    • Electrodeionization (EDI)
    • Electrochlorination
    • Comrec Deep Bed Condensate Polishers
    • Decorex Precoat Filters Demineralizers
    • Electrochlorination
    • Iron and Manganese removal
    • Potabilization
    • Sludge dewatering
  • Waste Water Treatments
    • Filtration
    • Sludge thickening
    • Sludge dewatering
    • Deoling
    • Reverse Osmosis (RO)
    • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)
  • Ion Exchange Resins
  • Filtering elements

Flue gas Cleaning

  • Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD/DeSOx)
  • Flue Gas Denitrification (DeNOx)


Industrial Plants

  • Air Separation Units (ASU)
  • Direct rotary dryers
  • Indirect rotary dryers
  • Steam rotary dryers
  • Direct rotary calciners
  • Indirect rotary calciners
  • Rotary coolers
  • Rotary incinerators for industrial wastes
  • Static incinerators for liquid and gas
  • Industrial burners
  • Heat recovery boilers
  • Combustion chamber and hot gas generators
  • Wet pelletizers


Sugar Treatments

  • Molasses chromatographic separation
  • Molasses thin juice softening
    • Carbosoft process
    • NRS process


The set up of the IDRECO Group is:

COMPAGNIE TERREBONNE S.A.. is the holding company for the strategic and financial coordination and leadership of the activities of the entire group.

IDRECO S.r.l. provides the technological support to all the companies of the group.

DEL MONEGO deals with design supply and installation of: dryers, calcinators, incinerators for any kind of industrial, municipal and toxic waste (gas, sludge, liquids); industrial boiler for cogeneration plants.

INTERWAT S.r.l. deals with supplies of specific chemical products and filtering elements applied in the energy and potabilization fields.

IDRECO USA Limited, and ECO ELC S.A. Buenos Aires, are the affiliated companies for the promotion and local operations in their or connected countries.

IDRECO set-up and organisation

Organization Chart