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Industrial burners

Idreco designs and manufacturers burners for combustion of gases and liquids.

Depending on the type of fuel, different lances are used for gas and liquid fuels.

Fuel gases are burned with lances with head in special heat resisting alloy and provided with injection nozzles.

They can be operated at high pressure (up to 1 barg and more) and have been successfully used for burning natural gas as well as LPG, coke gas, hydrogen, tail gases, etc.

Liquid pulverization lances are used for liquid fuels and consist of a fuel cycloning chamber for pre-mixing with atomization fluid (compressed air or steam) and nozzle head.

Liquid lances have been used successfully for burning diesel oil, heavy oil, solvents and any type of liquid waste.

Both burners are equipped with ignition pilot burner with spark electrodes and diffusion head.

The burner is completed with:

  • Burner throat made in high aluminum castable.
  • Combustion air distributor and regulator for combustion air with sight holes and connection for gun, pilot and scanner

Air Regulator